Your Health. Your Food.

BioBox is all about the delicious discovery of healthy new food. Every month we'll help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands that you can purchase at BioBox Shop.
In the Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan options, we'll send you foods, beverages, snacks that are Organic and All Natural focused right to your door every month.

And of course... FREE SHIPPING.

It’s time to start feeling great about snacking.

Just select a box and we'll take care of the rest.

Select a Box :

Select a box size and choose from our Classic-Box, Gluten-Free-Box or Vegan-Box options. You can also pick a type of box you like. The sunrise type contains only breakfast including cereal, snacks and more. In the sunset type, you will find pasta, rice and other food for making your dinner as good as you like. You can choose anywhere from one to six month subscriptions that you can gift to friends too.

Shipment :

Each month your BioBox will around the same date. We'll email you once your box is ready to ship. We can ship your BioBox at your home or at your office, just let us know!

Happy Snacking! :

Once you receive your box you can enjoy your new healthy food.


Eat well. Live better.

It's a known fact that the primary driver of our good or bad health is what we consume.
Both childhood obesity and adult obesity largely have to do with the types of foods we consume, especially while snacking.
And, with our busier and busier daily lives of career, fitness and family who has the time to make
sure the very crucial thing that drives our health is attended to?

BioBox is a convenient and subtle way to make sure you have access to healthy food for your home, the office or on-the-go.
We help you cut through the crud and keep you focused on making healthy foods a priority in your life.

  • Convenient discovery of tasty new healthy food for your busy life.
  • Healthy replacement products for home, office or on-the-go.
  • Better Value for your money with our boxes.
  • Big Discounts & gift cards you can use online or at local stores.
  • Help Change eating habits everywhere starting with you & your family.
  • A Pleasant Surprise at your doorstep every month.

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