What is BioBox?

BioBox delivers organic, vegan, gluten-free and Made-in-Luxembourg food & snacks in a box, every month.

You can be exiting as there will be always something new to try and discover.

Around the 22nd, you will get delicious, hand picked and super tasty food & snacks just for you.

How does it work?

Ready to start eating healthier?

With BioBox, food and snacks conveniently delivered to your door, eating healthier is easier than ever.

Once a month, around the 22nd, you will get a BioBox of your choice with delicious food,right at your doorstep.

To get startet, please follow thses steps:

1. Head to the main page and click the"Get Started" button.

2. Select the Box you like the most.

3. Choose between Sunrise (Breakfast) and Sunset (Dinner).

4. Choose a plan. (monthly, 3 months or 6 months)

5. Tell us about your allergies.

6. Fill in your billing and shipping details and Place Order

Happy Snacking!

It's as simple as that!

How much does it cost?

BioBox introduces you to the finest, the most delicious from snacks and food from known brand,
small businesses and real local artisans for 49.95€ a month! The 3 months plan cost 142,35€ and the 6 months cost 169€

Do you offer promo code?

YES! We do offer promo code.


Stick around on social network and we will share PROMO CODES!

there's even a BIGGER secret...

You can technically get a free box every month, by referring 5 friends that sign up for a Box of their choice and you'll automatically get your next box free.


What's inside BioBox?

We believe in healthy life and that it is the key to happiness.

We love enjoying good food and sharing it with our loved ones, constantly pursuing and spreading positive life.


You will find food and snacks to inspire all this inside BIOBOX!

Inside your BioBox you’ll find a variety of food and snacks, and this variety will change every month.

We'll be keeping the contents a surprise, so you won't know what's in it until you recieve it (although we might tease a few snacks here and there!).

From delicious chocolate to never seen chips to unique super food. You will find pasta, rice, tea, oil and of course AWESOME snacks.

We aim to have at least 12 food + baverage in each box, however this may vary some months due to size and cost.

Can I return my BioBox for a refund?

For food safety reasons we are unable to accept any returns once the package has left the BioBox warehouse.

If you are for any reason unhappy with one of your food or drinks, please rate and comment it and we will replace your preferences in your next box.

Please get in touch at and we will endeavour to resolve any issues

Can I pick what's in my box?

We have designed BioBox to be a convenient, delightful and exciting way to discover healthy and natural food.

We also know that sourcing around for healthy food takes time, a lot of hassle and is stressful.

At the end it can be very costly, that's why we have picked carrefully not only healthy, but also the most delicious and
yummy food that go into every BioBox each month.

We do the work for you!
Lay back, relax and enjoy the delicious food & snacks

If love an item can I get it in the next BioBox?

YEEEES! In fact, we'd love it if you were to rate and comment your drinks and food after each box your receive.

This way we can ensure we only send your the snacks that you'll enjoy.

Is BioBox suitable for people with allergics?

After you have choose your favourite Box (Classic, Vegan or Gluten-Free) and your plan, you will be asking for any allergies.

There you can tell us about your allergies and we will not include the items you are allergic to. However there are some limits, as our BioBox change every month, and for this reason we're unable to guarantee that 100% of the snacks in each box will be suitable for you.

We ask you to get in touch before ordering if you have very rare allergies, or carefully read the packaging on each snack in your BioBox to see if it is suitable for you

How does the payment & billing works?

Your will be charged for your first box and after that you are rebilled every month unless you purchase a one-time gift.

Rebilling occurs always at the end of each month.

We generally ship our BioBoxes around the 20th of each month and should arrive 2 working days after dispatch.

Where do you ship?

All around the Europe!

At the moment we can deliver to all EU countries including Norway, Switzerland and other non-EU countries,
however we have to charge a small delivery fees and the delivery times may be slightly longer than for EU adresses.

All shipping inside Luxembourg is free of charge.

Shipping to the rest of EU is 4.50€

All other countries in Europe is 5.50€

Where do I get my BioBox delivered?

You get your BioBox straight to your door. As your BioBox is big, someone need to receiwe it.

The good news is, that you can always get your box delivered to your work or a different address, otherwise it will be returned to a local office or depot for you to collect.

Our goal is for you to receive a delicious, handcrafted box of snacks as soon as possible and to the right place.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at

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